Catty Women

As I mentioned in a prior post, I've been very good since 01.01.08 about going to the gym to workout three mornings a week after dropping Super Boy off at school. Now, I was working out somewhat regularly in '07 until fall, but my body since the birth of Super Boy nearly five (gasp) years ago is NOT what it used to be. (I know some of you out there are feeling my pain. Sing it, sister!) So going to the gym is not a fearless act for me. I worry about the wiggles & jiggles, how I look, how big of an ass I look like panting and red-faced, etc.

All has been well at the gym the past few weeks in that no one has paid any particular attention to me and I've been able to go about my business of tightening, firming, toning and sweating in relative peace. Until today...

I was in one of the areas where there are medicine balls and mats, primarily designed for doing ab work, lunges, etc. I do my crunches with the medicine ball, moving my eyes randomly about as I try to count quietly in my head, and suddenly I notice Creepy Middle Aged Man staring at me from across the gym. Not just glancing my way, as sometimes happens, but flat-out staring at me. I ignore him for the first 20 or so crunches, but since my ass is facing this creep, I look again to see if he's still gawking. And he is. (ugh)

I give him a disgusted look and proceed to completely ignore him. By the time I've started my second set of 30 crunches a minute or two later, he's moved out of my field of vision and is no longer staring at me. Amen.

Five minutes later, I'm doing some good Pilates leg exercises and these three women walk into the area and set-up camp behind me. I can't see them, and I have my iPod on with the volume down fairly low. All of a sudden, I hear one of them stop talking in her normal tone of voice and whisper something to the others. Of course, I now wonder if they're talking about me, and can imagine the question and the tone in which it was asked: "What is she doing?" And they are. Talking about me. Because one of them answers the question, quite clearly, with "That's Pilates."

I had just finished the last of my reps on the side facing away from these women, so it was perfect timing for me to turn over to work the other side, now facing them. All three are staring at me, and only two have the decency to look guilty, so I know who the bitchy questioner was. I gave her a general look like "what the hell is your problem?" and then set about finishing my reps on that side. They all shut up and moved on to other topics after that, much to my relief.

Of course, right after I was done, I was on my way out of the club and there was a woman selling cool t-shirts, which I stopped to peruse. I was just about to check-out with the one I'd chosen when someone cuts right in front of me and starts bombarding the woman with questions. I look over at this rude woman and - oh, big surprise - it's the bitchy woman from a few minutes earlier! I gritted my teeth and glared at her until she moved out of my way, wanting to sock her one in the face for how smug she was.

The thing is, she was no thing of beauty either. In fact, she was pretty rough looking, and not all that terribly fit either. So what she was giving me grief for I'll never know.

Just goes to show how catty women can be, and over NOTHING!


  1. Wow, go kick a little ass, girl!

    Nice to see you're still at gym - ask my wife when the last time she went.

  2. Well, I only started going again after the 1st of the year, but I've been VERY dedicated to going three times per week, come hell or high water. I am determined to get in great shape by summer. In part so I have more will-power to resist the annual smoke-a-thon that is my family vacation in June (!), and in part because I want to look great in a swimsuit again! (I'm so vain.) I need to get your wife to go with me on the weekends, imc guy -- during the week I go while Super Boy is at school in the a.m.


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