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Where the Heck Was I?!?

Hello...Hello...Hello... Is Anyone There??

Thanksgiving: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes. Oh, and a side order of vomit. Ugh...

Oh, Julian....

Like Socks in the Dryer...

I (heart) Burt's Bees!

The Twilight Phenomenon. He doesn't "get it."

My uterus is screaming.


I missed out.

I've Got My $15 iTunes Gift Card Contest Winner!

I am one classy lady.

One of the Funniest Stories I've Read in a LONG Time...

iDiscovered Yesterday That My iPod iS iN Fact NOT Broken. But i'M Still Getting a New One. :)

I Tell People I'm a Writer.

iAm Having Problems with my iPod. iNeed a New iPod!

The Dawning of A New Day


Whisper: to speak softly

Halloween: It's Not Just for Kids

Oh Yeah... Uh-Huh... Oh Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

Scary Hairy Stuff

Ah...Ahhh.. AHH-CHOO!

Thoroughly. Grossed. Out.

Me Can Take Pictures

Marriage is Fun.

Missing My Man

I'm back. And I'm sorry!

These People Need Some Serious Prayers...