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I've Been Thinking...

So, it's been a really, REALLY long time since my last post. Wow. I'm so sorry you guys!

All I can say is that life as a single, full-time working mom with two growing, busy kids was much busier than I imagined. The "down time" I did have went by in a heartbeat and was better spent trying to keep up with things at home (like laundry...oh my god the laundry), spending time with my babies, treasured friends & family, and trying to get in a little exercise and time in nature. Nonetheless, my soul still longed to write and this blog was never far from my mind.

Things have changed a bit since my last post. Which I guess isn't all that surprising considering that my last post was, like, five years ago.  (Eek. Again, sorry!)

First things first! The Super Kids. They are amazing. As in straight-up ah-MAY-zing!

Super Boy is more like Super Man-Child now, as he swiftly approaches the age of 15 with his deep voice, taller-than-mom height, and all of his facial ha…

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